Saturday, January 14, 2012

Arm-A-Dillo Concealed Hybrid IWB Holster

As any gun person (especially one who legally carries a concealed handgun) knows, it can be rather difficult to find a holster that meets all the typical points of desire.

I recently received one of the first productions of a wonderful new concealable holster made by Jack Houston of Lone Rider Leather.
While traditionally Lone Rider is a maker of fine Cowboy Action Shooting holsters, belts and accessories, he has recently expanded into making modern carry holsters. While many other styles are available and custom work is Jack’s specialty, the new Arm-A-Dillo line of hybrid (traditional leather with modern kydex) carry holsters are perfect for anyone who carries a concealed handgun for personal protection.

Great points for me include:

1. Comfort: With leather backing the holster conforms well to my hip.
2. Good Concealment: Worn inside the waistband (IWB) the gun is held in tight to the body to avoid “printing” and allows any light shirt to cover it completely.
3. Durable: Both the kydex and leather are good quality and very capable of standing up to years of wear.
4. Adjustment: Belt clips can be moved to adjust both ride height and cant (degree of tilt) of the gun.
5. Affordable: At $50 the Arm-A-Dillo is one of, if not the, cheapest tuckable hybrid around.

Arm-A-Dillo with Glock 19