About Me

As most who find this site have probably already found, I am Tony or “Domineaux” on internet forums and such and am generally pretty passionate about my interests, beliefs, views and what I just plain find to be awesome.

I am a devoted husband and loving father of 3 great little boys. I work from home as a server admin in the field of web hosting, which leaves me as an easy target for bugging from the kiddos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For years I have been suggesting different products or ideas to family, friends, associates and even the occasional stranger when I know of something that might prove useful to them. I have finally decided that it would be much easier to just make a web site I can point them to for all the information I would share with them and even direct links where possible for a specific great product. If said product is something I can earn an affiliate commission on, I will certainly attempt to do so if it isn’t much trouble. I will not however suggest an inferior product, or even an expensive alternative just for a commission.